Are You Easy to do Business With?

Being easy to do business with is one of the most important qualities of a successful company. This means having a consistent and accessible customer service team, listening to customer feedback, and fostering a strong internal sense of communication.

Your customer service signals that you prioritize your professional relationships with customers. An important part of considering what your marketing signals is whether you’re explicit about it or not. Making “outstanding customer service” one of your explicit values is meaningless if you don’t take the necessary steps towards making that statement true. You can learn more about marketing signaling and how to use it to your advantage on our blog.

Accessibility Makes it Easy to do Business

An interested, qualified buyer is looking to do business with a company that is accessible across a number of channels. They want to be met with urgency no matter where they first encounter your business; here are some channels to consider:

  • Website Traffic: Are you checking those crowded inboxes and responding to form submissions and other inquiries? Spam submissions are not uncommon (even with Captcha and other filters), but if you keep digging, there will be plenty of diamonds in the rough. Make sure your website is easily navigable, and that it’s optimized for numerous devices, so you can avoid a high bounce rate.
  • Phone or Chat Support: Where are your customers directed when they are looking to speak to someone instantly and directly? A customer service phone number or chat feature on your website can make all the difference if a customer is troubleshooting or looking for more information than your website provides.
  • Responding with Urgency: How quick are you at delivering quotes during your peak season? Every business sees lead times grow as they manage waves of increasing demand, but not all do enough to anticipate and adapt to these high-traffic periods.

Customers want to feel like you’re treating their cases with care. When you place more emphasis on accessibility and removing unnecessary barriers to get ahold of your team, you will make your audience feel heard and see an increase in qualified leads.

Listen to Your Customers' Experience

Customers want you to help them meet their goals or solve their problems, but they can help you solve yours, too.

Companies often forget about the important role customer feedback plays when it comes to structuring their support teams and sales approach. That’s why customer surveys are a great tool to help you better shape your messaging. At SCG, we use a specialized approach to gauge what’s most important to the customer, and how they feel your company is performing in those categories. The results help demonstrate where you are excelling, but they also highlight areas where you can improve.

Customers prefer doing business with companies that give them exactly what they’re searching for. Shifting your marketing efforts so your customers are met with the information most important to them increases your authority in the marketplace and draws more traffic to your website.

Internal Expectations Makes for External Success

One of the best ways to streamline operations is to have specified roles with defined expectations. Every employee should know what their job is, and how to do it successfully. It’s easy to lose out on qualified leads when tasks are being neglected; if you want a homerun, make sure your entire team is ready.

Another important factor to consider is whether your team is guided by a set of values, as well as a mission statement. Working towards collective goals helps drive the success of your team by emphasizing priorities and setting the standard for your operations.

Need help getting started? SCG has research and values strategies to make doing business with your company a breeze.

Last edited: 10/20/2023