American Soy Organics(ASO) had directed its efforts on improving its all-natural, high-quality wax beads for candlemakers and it was now time to grow. ASO looked to SCG to establish a best-practices marketing system with compelling, consistent brand positioning to clearly define their identity and help them become the leading brand.


SCG’s research revealed customers were highly satisfied, indicating ASO could differentiate on what mattered most to candlemakers: consistent results with clean burning wax. When combined with ASO’s unmatched expertise, our Better Candlemaking positioning precisely captured the brand’s promise. Messaging was refined to consistently communicate the benefits their specialized wax formulas and their online presence was expanded to establish the brand as a trusted resource and nurture deeper relationships with candlemakers.


The Better Candlemaking positioning both asserts authority as the leading brand of soy wax beads and advocates for small-scale candlemakers. Backed by user-focused research, the website enhancements with featured candlemakers and videos make ASO’s online presence a valuable resource center for new and experienced candlemakers alike. With premium product and proven subject matter expertise, American Soy Organics is a brand no other can hold a candle to.