Marketing Research

Research guides everything we do at SCG. Our IPQ Research™ process identifies your brand’s strengths, competitive advantages, and opportunities for B2B success—so we can land you perfectly at your strategic vision.

B2B primary marketing research

Many companies focus their marketing on what they think they’re good at—rather than what is important to their audience. Our B2B marketing research process reveals what your customers and potential customers truly value, and how you perform against those factors. When you know what’s really important to your customers and prospects, you have a powerful competitive advantage. Then we convert these revelations into messages to attract customers. These messages form the foundation for the rest of our work together.

B2B competitor analysis

Through primary and/or secondary research, we dig deep to discover what your competitors are saying about themselves and their products and where they are saying it. We discover potential messaging holes waiting to be filled (by you) and how you can assert brand leadership to your best advantage to rise above the rest.

Marketing strategy

Guided by the research, we build a flight plan to differentiate your offerings and achieve your most critical objectives. From digital content to sales collateral and all the elements in between, our branding process creates the perfect marketing strategy to reach your strategic vision.