The “content” umbrella covers a lot—and so does our expertise. SCG has years of experience in creating integrated, multimedia content programs for clients like SmithCo Side Dump Trailers and Veridocs. Whether it's blogging, white papers, case studies, e-books, newsletters, video, or podcasts—we do it all in-house.

We create a content strategy to match up your audiences’ questions and needs with your expert resources, and then we ensure the highest quality writing and editorial oversight. After launch, we monitor how your content assets perform so we can optimize them to be their best. The end result is content that is in harmony with your brand message and your users’ needs.

Content programs

SCG creates and executes content plans that leverage your expertise alongside industry events and news, search traffic, and hot topics in your field. We look closely at your customer journey and how you can provide support at each phase, so that when a prospect is ready to get in touch, your content has already demonstrated why you’re the right choice.

Resource centers

Your team likely has some foundational facts you walk through with prospects to help them understand common how-tos, answer frequently asked questions, and highlight what differentiates your specific product. With a resource center, visitors to your site can easily access content that addresses their questions and positions you as an authority on the topic. Good resource center content is also catnip for search engines, putting your expertise in front of new eyes every day.


Many companies think they can internally maintain their corporate blog, but quickly see it collect dust when the reality of updating it catches up with them. SCG runs a well-oiled machine to keep your blog on track. We create an editorial calendar, conduct interviews with your subject matter experts, and draft content that showcases your news and takes on industry trends. We also encourage website visitors to subscribe to your blog—automating the process of keeping in touch.


Whether print or digital, internal or external, SCG can help you create a newsletter that engages readers and delivers the information they need. As with our blogging programs, we take the work of planning content, running down the details, and meeting repetitive deadlines off your shoulders. We also track what worked best with each issue, so every edition is better than the last.