Wisdom from Professor Plum

Marketing Marketing Signaling

Recruiting and Retention Need Your Marketing Team

Recruiting and retention of skilled employees is more challenging than ever. Fortunately, your communications team can help. Here are elements to consider.

Branding Identity guidelines

The Importance of a Style Guide

When your staff communicate with customers across channels, consistency is key. It’s important to lock in your brand identity. Here’s how:

Marketing Marketing Signaling

Using Marketing Signaling to Your Advantage

If you want your brand to be a market leader or category disruptor, make sure your marketing signals it, or they might not believe it.


Crafting Emails That Drive Results

In a world of overflowing inboxes, how do you write marketing emails that stand out? Cut through the clutter with these five proven email marketing best-practices.


Company Values – Your Not-So-Secret Weapon for Recruiting and Retention

Authentic and engaging company values are a not-so-secret weapon to employee recruiting and retention. Here’s a primer on why and how to create them.

Research Branding Marketing

What's In a (Product) Name?

Naming a product can be tricky. Here are some tips for making the process smooth and productive.


4 Steps to Revenue Growth

SCG’s 4-step flight plan is a reliable pathway to reach targeted revenue. This model is particularly helpful for companies seeking dramatic revenue growth.

Content Marketing

Whooo is Professor Plum?

We sat down with SCG’s resident Know-it-Owl Professor Plum to talk early life, time at SCG, and the im-peck-able wisdom he imparts on clients who are ready to succeed.

Research Marketing

How Much Should You Spend on Google Search Ads?

There’s no hard rules or numbers, but here are five things to consider when starting up a new Google Ad campaign.

Branding Marketing

Product Positioning: Differentiate or Die

In a sea of competitors, how do you position your product to stand out? Your choices are differentiate or die. Consider these important factors when reeling in buyers: