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Without These Six Strategy Essentials, Your Product May Experience Failure to Launch

Looking for expert advice for your product launch strategy? Here are six essential elements of successful product launches SCG has perfected over 30 years.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Marketing based on flawed beliefs don’t quite hit the mark. Here’s how to bridge the gap between what you think customers want and what they really want. Hint: ask them.


B2B Buyers are People Too

At its core, B2B buyers are similar to B2C buyers in a few key ways.


Understanding Marketing Signaling

Marketing signaling provides information beyond the mere form of a message. Is your brand sending out the right signals?


4 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch can raise spirits and fortune of any company. Be sure to include these four tips when planning your next launch.


The Importance of Specificity in Marketing

Specificity in marketing is about showcasing your expertise so potential customers have an easy time knowing exactly how you can solve their problem.


Good Targeting Gets Even Better with LinkedIn Interest Targeting

LinkedIn recently added an interest targeting capability that nicely adds to their existing targeting options to get ads in front of qualified B2B audiences.

Marketing Video

Bringing Marketing Video into Focus

Marketing video is an important piece of today’s marketing plan. Learn how you can start implementing video into your plan with these helpful tips.


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