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How *Not* To Rebrand

The switch from Twitter to X by Elon Musk offers some great lessons in what to avoid if you choose to rebrand.


Don’t Go Wild with Your Brand Color Palette

When should you conduct an overhaul of your brand’s color portfolio? Consider the following strategies to assess your brand’s color identity:

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The Power and Peril of Celebrity Endorsements

Bringing a celebrity or influencer into your marketing strategy can be a useful tool. Here are some things to keep in mind.

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The Importance of a Style Guide

When your staff communicate with customers across channels, consistency is key. It’s important to lock in your brand identity. Here’s how:

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What's In a (Product) Name?

Naming a product can be tricky. Here are some tips for making the process smooth and productive.


Don't Make the Logo Bigger

You are more than your logo, and your logo is more than a placeholder for your print and digital ads. Here’s how to make the most of your ad space:

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Product Positioning: Differentiate or Die

In a sea of competitors, how do you position your product to stand out? Your choices are differentiate or die. Consider these important factors when reeling in buyers:

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Without These Six Strategy Essentials, Your Product May Experience Failure to Launch

Looking for expert advice for your product launch strategy? Here are six essential elements of successful product launches SCG has perfected over 30 years.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Marketing based on flawed beliefs don’t quite hit the mark. Here’s how to bridge the gap between what you think customers want and what they really want. Hint: ask them.


Your Font Sucks

Typography can make or break your brand identity. Copy is one of a few direct lines of communication that you as a brand have to your audience, and the fonts you use play a big role in determining how (and whether) they can read it.