From the launch pad of marketing research, our Brand Vision process propels your business forward by creating standout B2B branding—for your company or a specific product or service. We start by crafting spot-on messaging and then, only after the messaging is perfect, we develop the visual identity to lift your brand above the competition.

Brand messaging

By focusing on what your customers and prospects value most, Brand Vision gets to the core of what makes your brand special. Through our time-tested process, brand personality is defined and connection points to your customers and the market are examined. Then we capture the essence of what sets you apart with an indelible brand positioning.

More than a mere tagline, this expression of your brand (in seven words or less) connects you with customers in a meaningful way. Joined by crystal-clear key messages that distinguish your product or service, this messaging forms the foundation for the marketing strategy and all future B2B marketing tactics.

Visual identity

With the brand messaging in place, the next stop along our path is to align your visual identity with the brand. Most often this does not involve a logo redesign. We get into the nitty gritty about logo usage, color palettes, fonts and imagery to make sure your customers see your visual elements the same way every time they interact with you.

Whether your customers are reading your email, visiting your website, perusing your catalog, or opening your packaging, consistency reinforces your brand’s position. Our collaborative team has the wingspan to create distinctive, effective design from display ads to large scale graphics and everything in between. Our brand standards ensure you always look your best.

Shared values

Not only do you want to present your visual brand consistently, success rests on creating a consistent brand experience. This is true for both customers and staff. We have found over nearly 30 years, that a shared values program is the most effective way to accomplish this. Many B2B companies have longstanding stated values, which is a good starting point.

Our process helps you define the guideposts needed to influence individual actions to bring the brand to life internally and achieve your strategic vision. This in turn ensures your customers have a consistent brand experience from initial sales to customer service. Values work is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.

Product naming

“What’s in a name?” It turns out, plenty. Just like our approach to messaging, we start with research to understand what is special about your product or service. Then we work with you to provide product naming options that reflect the essence of your offering.

Before we present our recommendations, we do our homework. We look to see if the name is available for trademark or used extensively by others. We develop a moniker that will distinguish your product and attract attention.