As a full-service marketing agency, Strother Communications selects the right mix of traditional and digital tactics to successfully navigate B2B and B2C challenges head-on. With a coordinated approach, our advertising, sales collateral, video and photography boost your brand and new products above the competition.

Product Launch

Bringing your new product or service to market is exciting, and one of our agency’s sweet spots. We start by listening to your team to understand the competitive landscape and what makes this new product stand out. From naming to positioning, we build the message platform with attention-grabbing creative that differentiates your product in the market. Our team rolls out the strategy and comprehensive tactical plan to make your product launch a success.


When it’s time to spread the word, our team leverages your brand elements to deploy impactful, targeted digital and traditional advertising campaigns to get your message in front of the right people in the right places. Taking our cue from your strategic vision, we create a plan to reach a broader audience than you might initially have thought possible.

First, our team looks at how best to connect with your target audience. From print advertising, Google and LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media and boosted posts, e-mail campaigns, sponsorships, and paid content insertions, we create the calendar. Then we begin building awareness and create interest in your product and services through a range of creative ads and content. Each month we delve into the details with you to evaluate what’s working well and where adjustments can be made to get the very best results.

Sales collateral

While it may seem that most marketing today is digital, print still packs a punch. By literally putting your brand in the hands of your customers and prospects, a unique connection occurs. To use this opportunity to your best advantage, SCG develops highly effective sales collateral to creatively frame your messaging with vivid imagery―from snappy sell sheets to beautiful brochures and comprehensive catalogs.

Our process is guided by insights from the research to make sure the collateral provides clear, concise information on areas of greatest importance to prospects. We value your perspective too and actively seek your input to shape the final pieces, ensuring your sales collateral lands well with prospects and your sales team.

Trade show support

Meeting face to face with customers and prospects is the holy grail for B2B sales and the hallmark of trade show marketing. While our current environment has upended this traditional tactic, we are able to develop creative, attention-grabbing alternatives. When the time is right to take the show back on the road, we help with the whole kit and caboodle. From booth design coordination and large scale graphics design, to booth promotion and collateral, we build from your brand’s foundation to make you stand out in the crowd.

Photography and video

In the age of Instagram and YouTube, your brand’s story can be represented with compelling photography and video. Our in-house creative team captures your brand visually to engage your audiences through high-quality, creative photography and videography. Through savvy planning, we often coordinate one shoot to gather content for multiple uses, such as your corporate story, product launch, recruiting, and website work. Our expert photographers have the creative eye and expertise to bring your brand to life.