With a 60-year history of innovation, Mate Precision Technologies took on another new challenge to expand beyond their tooling legacy—launching a new workholding system during COVID-19. With an entirely new customer base and traditional tradeshows or in-person meetings off the table, Mate turned to SCG for a research-focused approach and competitive marketing strategy.


We knew virtual fatigue was real, so a virtual launch was out. Instead, we set our sights on defining the audience and developing stand-out messaging for a rock-solid advertising campaign. With our messaging and strategy in lockstep, we launched the new system through creative print and digital ads, focused SEO, targeted media relations and a robust PPC campaign.


Mate’s Made for Metalheads messaging is a hit. Thanks to our SEO strategy and well-executed Google Ads campaign, Mate quickly rose through the search ranks for selected keywords, making their site easier for new customers to find and generating a significant number of qualified leads. Performing with an airtight plan and a product to match, Mate’s latest innovation is positioned for success.