For more than 40 years, DAKA Docks & Lifts has provided high quality docks for lakeshore owners through its dealer network. But innovative and durable docks were not enough to compete effectively against larger companies, especially in a digital landscape. The company knew something had to change.


SCG attended the DAKA dealer conference to gather information, finding that we needed to make it easier for buyers to connect with the company, both in person and online. A new custom website and brochure created excitement with original lifestyle photography and simplified product presentation, along with a user-friendly dock selection guide.


Launched at the 2020 Minneapolis Boat Show, DAKA’s new brochure and dock selection process were embraced by dealers and lakeshore owners. Instead of sorting through a confusing array of options, customers can now browse based on lake shore type to find their perfect dock. Interest (and sales) have soared, and the modern feel of the new collateral is helping DAKA compete with larger brands.