With years of experience producing complex precision parts through advanced automation and process controls, JR Machine’s focus was squarely centered on providing outstanding value for customers across the nation. But their dated website and content belied their sophisticated offering and a limited digital footprint made it difficult for customers to find them online.



We knew JR Machine had a unique opportunity to convey leadership. Starting with our proprietary Flight Plan and Importance/Performance primary research, we determined what customers really cared about. Then with spot-on messaging and a comprehensive communications strategy, tactics came next: a refreshed logo, a killer website and a consistent content program supported with Google Ads and LinkedIn programing.



JR Machine’s new branding, revamped content and web presence portray the exceptional complex parts and manufacturing services they bring to the table. A significant increase in website visitors was just the start. Collaborating with the sales team, qualified leads increased. Positioned for success, JR Machine rolled out advanced automation, an expanded quality lab and a new facility to meet demand. The company has experienced significant sales growth. In May 2024 they announced a strategic investment from Schneider Resources Holding to launch further expansion.