The scented candle market is crowded with several national competitors and fragmented with hundreds of smaller artisan companies. Low name recognition and undefined brand tactics meant that even with a superior product, Milkhouse was just one in the crowd. They needed a way to break through with a program that could scale with growth.


To learn what set Milkhouse apart from other candles on their retailers’ shelves, SCG started with Brand Vision and IPQ research. The big takeaway was that consumers choose these candles because they have better fragrance and are made with all-natural ingredients. This insight, paired with knowledge that fragrance has the power to evoke emotion and memories, led to the compelling brand platform “Transport yourself.” This platform would illuminate all marketing initiatives.


With the essence of the brand defined, Milkhouse Candles now had a clear direction of where to focus their marketing efforts. SCG helped the staff focus on fragrance while creating a system to unite all points of consumer and retail touchpoints: website, print catalogs, email programs, consumer social media channels, Amazon storefront and sales support. Milkhouse is now positioned to stand out and become the standard-maker.


I was fascinated by the [research] results. We had been focusing our marketing effort on the WRONG THINGS! Once we realized our ACTUAL special sauce, we were able to get right to work and build our messaging around that! It felt so good to get everything in perfect alignment.

Eric Sparrow, President
Milkhouse Candle Co.