With an exceptional product, loyal customers and dealers, and an open mind, SmithCo was ready to pursue its growth potential. But where to start? With Iowa State University, they turned to SCG to learn what customers and dealers considered most important and how SmithCo performed—building the bridge to an effective strategy.


With a high-tide mindset, focus was set on growing the side dump category by stealing share from all trailer types. Research revealed the right messaging, and a content strategy was created to answer the question, “why buy a side dump?” A new website, learning center, sales support, advertising, and trade shows were integrated into a useful tactical plan. As these tactics parlay success, the content shifts to answer a new question, "why buy a SmithCo?"


Sound strategy executed with fresh creative and a top-notch sales process has SmithCo on a roll. More than 5,000 people entered their booth at ConExpo 2020. Interest in their trailers is building across markets and SmithCo side dumps now command the highest resale value across competitors. Keep alert. You may just see a sleek SmithCo on the road. Better yet, look for their all-new 7-axle trailer, the first one ever made.