Veridocs was well established in the casino market, but saw a bigger opportunity with software integrators that could take its technologies outside the gaming world. To do that, it needed clearer messaging about its core products and all their potential applications. It also needed a brand presence that better matched its sophisticated technology.


SCG’s research highlighted the importance of certainty for users of Veridocs’ technologies, leading to a new brand positioning: Be certain. Product messaging was updated, and a custom website was developed with information architecture that better spoke to both casino and integrator markets. A new resource center lets Veridocs publish its expert insights.


Veridocs’s new branding, messaging, and enhanced digital presence are enabling the company to develop leads in numerous industries outside of the casino/hospitality market—a valuable diversification in the time of COVID shutdowns for their core customers. The company is successfully spreading its message of the potential of rigorous ID authentication.