Veridocs was established in the casino market but saw an opportunity with software integrators to expand its technologies inside and outside the gaming world. To do this, the company needed clearer messaging about its core products and their potential applications. Veridocs also needed a brand presence that better matched its sophisticated technology.


SCG’s proprietary research revealed the importance of certainty for users of Veridocs’ technology users, leading to the Be certain brand positioning. Product messaging and a custom website were developed with an information architecture that better spoke to both casino and integrator markets. Veridocs began to publish its expert insights on the site and in media publications.


Veridocs’ branding, messaging and marketing strategy creates a digital presence that captures the attention of industry leaders. A new distributor agreement and expanded sales team have followed along with significant sales growth. The company launched its Evolution Platform and is expanding its product offerings so its customers can be certain they know their customers.